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Personal Training Services

1 to 1 Personal Training sessions

After a consultation to discuss your specific aims and your training and medical history PT Paisley will program fun, challenging and engaging sessions to help you along the way to looking, feeling and moving better.

2 to 1 Personal Training sessions

If you prefer to train as a pair, then gym buddies are more than welcome! Having the encouragement of a regular partner can add to the motivation to get the most from the sessions. Also, a bit of a friendly rivalry can also go a long way!

Online Fitness Class

Online Coaching

Personal Training Paisley offers both hybrid and online coaching. If you are comfortable in a gym environment or have been training for a while but need an extra element of support, guidance or accountability then online programming may be for you. PT Paisley can write a program specific to your needs, offer access to coaching support via PT Paisley smartphone app and regular check-ins.

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