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Personal Training Styles

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Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness has become an industry buzzword over the past decade, popularised by the growth of training approaches such as CrossFit and F45.


At its heart, “functional” refers to a movement that has a real-world application. An exercise that has a direct carry over into daily life. For instance, a squatting movement. When we consider it from this perspective, it’s easy to see how a squat is utilised many times throughout the day. Getting up from a chair, getting out of a car, tying the kids laces and so on. The same goes for the movement patterns of pressing, pulling hinging and more.


Functional movements incorporate more than one muscle group and joint motion. This builds strength and stability in the gym to be put into use in daily life. Not only does this enhance strength, physique and overall fitness but helps greatly in prevention of injury.


Functional Fitness is one of the cornerstones to Personal Training Paisleys approach to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. It is a varied, fun and engaging way to train. Within functional training there are several constituent areas.


“Fitness”, “work capacity”, “engine”. These are all by words for conditioning. In short, how hard can you work and for how long before you reach your limits.

PT Paisley utilises a range of proven techniques and approaches to creating high intensity workout designed to improve conditioning, burn fast and build muscle.

WOD style sessions to improve your metabolic conditioning and kick your fitness on to the next level utilising the fantastically equipped CrossFit Box style gym.

High intensity circuits scaled to be suitable for serious trainers and beginners alike.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Whether you want to compete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting or learn or improve your technique in the lifts PT Paisley can help you. A BWL Level 2 Weightlifting coach and decorated competitor, PT Paisley offers the expertise to coach you in a fantastic way to improve strength, agility and power.

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Weight Training

If you’ve always fancied lifting weight but lacked the confidence or were unsure how to go about it safely then Personal Training Paisley can help you get started! No longer will you feel anxious around dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, or benches. A regular practice of lifting weights has many proven physical and mental health benefits. Building muscle, burning fat and elevating mood chief amongst them. PT Paisley will coach you through the basics and provide structured programming maximising your results

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Boxing Training

Boxing is a fantastic way to keep in shape. As well as building up a sweat and burning calories it’s a prime opportunity to let out the pent-up frustrations of a long day at work! PT Paisley incorporates bag and pad work into session to add variety and another angle to fitness.

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