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Personal Training Paisley

Personal Training Paisley - Paul brings a dynamic enthusiasm, coupled with expert knowledge to his training sessions. Through successfully helping hundreds of people on their fitness journeys, we have perfected our approach to helping people reach the next level of their health and fitness goals.

PT Paisley Story

Paul has been involved in the Health and Fitness industry since 2015, starting out with outdoor Bootcamps and Metafit classes. His passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals led Paul to gain a wide array of experience and expertise working in commercial and private gyms across Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde, programming and delivering Personal Training to individuals and small and large groups both in-person and online.

More about Paul & Personal Training in Paisley

Pauls inclusive approach to training stems from his own experience of being of a late bloomer in terms of exercise and fitness having led a sedentary and unhealthy life for the duration of his 20s and some of his 30s.


Paul understands the fear, anxiety and self-doubt that surrounds entering a gym or training environment for the first time, as he experienced this himself. This is why his prime objective is doing everything he can to put his clients at ease, and ensure their comfort in taking what can be a nerve wracking but ultimately life affirming change.


Paul discovered running in his 30s as an aid to help him stop smoking, fell in love with it, and thus began his fitness journey. Paul’s discovery of how running enhanced his physical and mental wellbeing led him to attending group fitness classes in the gym, an interest in yoga and stretching and eventually strength and conditioning training. All things he had previously thought far beyond himself and his capabilities. Through receiving good coaching and support from his own trainers, Paul is now a nationally ranked Weightlifter holding several Scottish Masters records.

Pull Ups

Training and fitness are the cornerstone of physical and mental wellbeing.

Paul has a genuine passion for passing on his years of knowledge and experience to the people he works with to enable them to start feeling better.


To Paul that's the whole point "feeling better", and however that looks to you. It may be putting on clothes that haven't fit in a while, it may be feeling strong enough to move garden furniture around yourself or it may even be having enough stamina to keep up with your kids at the Soft Play. Whether it’s upgrading your physique, perfecting your weightlifting form, or starting to move more so you hurt less, Paul can help you along the way.

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