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Personal Training & Weight loss Testimonials

PT Paisley provides professional, top level fitness and weight loss expertise when it comes to helping clients feel and look stronger.

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Abi C - Renfrew

Paul has been amazing !! Anyone wanting to get into weightlifting or just to improve their technique cannot recommend Paul enough. I can’t thank Paul enough for improving my technique and showing me how to properly lift weights and see results!!


Ruthie B - Paisley

I hate learning new things….or I hate the process, the slow starts and the multiple failures. I was a bit hesitant about starting Olympic Lifting because I was worried I would suck.

The truth is I did! I was terrible, but I was also amazed at how quickly I progressed under Paul’s guidance. Not to mention how much fun it was both the chat and the exercises.

At the start I was terrified, but in a matter of weeks I was chucking weights over my head, feeling strong and bad ass. The buzz you get when you reach a new PB is great - not to mention I feel so much stronger. I really would recommend FTM to anyone of any fitness level.


Kevin W - Paisley

I was 27 stone when I started working with Paul, no self esteem/confidence, I really disliked myself. Paul was an easy gut to work with he'd encourage me when it got tough and we'd most importantly have a laugh. I lost almost 5 stone in 18 months and I'll be forever grateful to him. Best thing I've done for myself in two years.

"An excellent PT. Really put me at ease especially after a long time away from any type of fitness regime. Would highly recommend. Top bloke!."
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